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Sunrise - Sunsets
- brilliant colours with attitude -

9th - 10th March, 2024 (2 days) 
at my Buderim studio - Sunshine Coast

Romance The Sunset in Paint - Orange, crimson and golds stretch far and wide, the colours of fiery flames splashed and brushed liberally across our western sky. It is but the reflection of the dawn that was and the promise of the rising sun to come after the dark of night has had its time and the land has rested from the day before. Come and join me as we explore in paint amazing and exciting sunsets.
(All student levels welcome)

Day 1..
Let’s explore the sunset through painting, innovative thinking and better choices with reference. Sketch in your ideas, start with washes then create your very own ‘painting fantastic sunset’ where you will apply all that you are learning to your 

Day 2..
Begin your second ‘painting fantastic sunset’ with a whole day to complete. Apply and consolidate all of your new learning as we also explore colour mixing, mediums and how to use, palette knife and brush techniques and lots more..

You will learn:
- New and exciting ways to paint better sunsets 
- Understanding and applying good composition and colour choices

- What makes a great painting and how to achieve it.?
- How to prepare and get started
- Essential sunset painting techniques explained and applied
- How to interpret photo reference. What to use and what to leave out and why.?
- Apply your new creative process for wonderful, visually exciting sunset paintings

Here is what you get:
- Your class reference photo
- How to get the best from Acrylic paints and mediums
- Easy to learn and understand concepts using dynamic painting techniques
- Learn how to recognize, capture and paint essential aspects of your subject using 

  my simple and practical methods
- Heaps of one-on-one instruction as student numbers are always limited
- Live in-class painting demonstrations by myself to show you how it’s done
- Heaps of practical painting tips & tricks, palette knife & brush technique, and lots

- Gain confidence and grow new painting skills you can confidently use again at home
- Conducted at my home/studio which offers great natural light for painting
- I supply morning & afternoon tea & coffee with delicious snacks & treats.. Yumm.!

Please contact Don for details or more information

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