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workshops - home/studio

at Buderim - Sunshine Coast


‘Colouring up the outback’

- inspired by our great outback - Painting Workshop

13th - 14th July, 2024 (2 day workshop)
Colouring up the outback will offer you fabulous opportunities to explore in paint our unique outback scenery, colours, distant mountains, vast open skies, gnarled trees, rocks, textures. Brush and palette knife techniques, etc. Now apply what you learn into your own outback painting with 2 full days to complete. Don is there every step of the way and he also does live in-class demonstrations of his techniques.  
(All student levels welcome)

more home workshops to come in 2024
Details available below soon..


On A Knife Edge - Palette Knife Painting

- Painting Workshop -

27th - 28th July, 2024 (2 day workshop)
Expressive and exciting painting and mark making with the palette knife.


Colourful city life - painting the streets

- Painting Workshop -

10th - 11th August, 2024 (2 day workshop)
The drama, structure and fascinating shapes captured in colour and paint.


Beautiful Sunshine Coast Beaches

- Painting Workshop -

21st - 22nd September July, 2024 (2 day workshop)
Our beautiful, tranquil and picturesque beaches on the Sunshine Coast.


Many shades of grey - paintings inspired by our outback

- Painting Workshop -

5th - 6th October, 2024 (2 day workshop)
Paint with charcoal for some amazing, surprising and dramatic effects.


Fun painting with colour - Try any colour you want

- Painting Workshop -

2nd - 3rd November, 2024 (2 day workshop)
Colourful and dramatic forms captured in paint.


‘Paint With Dynamic Light’
- creating visually exciting paintings

- Acrylic paints and mediums -

8th - 12th January, 2024 (5 day workshop)
Be excited, elated and have a great time painting some amazing paintings as we explore together some of the many aspects of making a good painting....


‘Sunrise - Sunsets’
- brilliant colours with attitude -

- Acrylic paints and mediums -

9th - 10th March, 2024 (2 day workshop)
Romance The Sunset in Paint:- Orange, crimson and golds stretch far and wide, the colours of fiery flames splashed and brushed liberally across our western sky...


‘Draw from your inner artist’

- bold & beautiful -  Drawing Workshop

23rd - 24th March, 2024 (2 day workshop)
Create your own fantastic drawing art works. We explore many essential aspects of your drawing process and apply best practice and techniques as you learn with the pencil in your hand and by drawing..


‘‘The Portrait’ - getting a good likeness

- getting a good likeness - Painting Workshop -

4th - 5th May, 2024 (2 day workshop)
Getting a good likeness of your subject is essential to creating a good portrait and this workshop will show you how and give you the tools, skills and techniques to achieve. Proportions, facial features, accurate skin colours and so much more..


‘Colourful, Bold n Beautiful’

- creating exciting paintings - Painting Workshop -

18th - 19th May, 2024 (2 day workshop)
Experimental mark making, dynamic colour choices, textural effects, large brush – small brush techniques, scrappers and so much more.. Then we take all this and make our own visually exciting painting fantastic. This workshop will offer you fabulous opportunities to grow and develop..


‘Draw - Draw and more drawing’

- explore great drawing - Drawing Workshop -

1st - 2nd June, 2024 (2 day workshop)
Create your own fantastic drawing art works in this hands-on workshop which will help advance your entire artistic journey. Focus on drawing and rendering techniques, composition, subject choice, proportions, cropping photos for best use of reference..


‘Favourite Animal-Portrait’

- wild, cute or hug-able - Painting Workshop -

15th - 16th June, 2024 (2 day workshop)
Create a fabulous painting of your favourite furry or feathered friend (wild, cute, beautiful or hug-able animal or bird) Familiarize yourself with the many special skills and techniques required to create a good, life-like ‘Animal or Bird painting’..


‘Big Waves - Let them roll’

- big crashing waves, stormy skies - Painting Workshop -

24th - 28th June, 2024 (5 day workshop)
A fabulous creative painting experience (5 whole days) with lots of fantastic dynamic seascape painting mixed with generous practice painting time as you learn heaps about painting big waves, crashing water, wild oceans and stormy skies. Grow and develop valuable seascape painting skills and..

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