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INSIGHT   Don Milner - The Visual Communicator

Australian - How To Paint Portraits

Painting and creating are this talented artist’s passions, with Australia offering him a rich source of inspiration for his artistic endeavours.

Australian artist, painter and tutor, Don Milner chooses themes and subjects from Australia's rich and unique way of life, its characters and scenery, all of which inspire, colour and enrich his world as an artist. His honest, intuitive approach to painting
have won Don many awards and accolades...

DonMilner-Creative Artist-1000.jpeg

Creative Artist

INSIGHT   Don Milner - The intuitive artist...

“The intuitive artist can see below the surface, which empowers the creative spirit to express ‘that special something’ … the true and unique essence of the subject.

“I believe every artist needs to discover their own way of expressing these things by developing unique techniques and methods using colour and tone to create mood, and leaving the mark of the artist’s brush strokes in the paint itself.”...

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