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Colourful, Bold 'n' Beautiful

18th - 19th May, 2024 (2 days) 
at my Buderim studio - Sunshine Coast

Objectives - Experimental mark making, dynamic colour choices, textural effects, large brush – small brush techniques, scrappers and so much more.. Then we take all this and make our own visually exciting painting fantastic. This workshop will offer you fabulous opportunities to grow and develop valuable creative painting skills and techniques. It’s also packed with heaps of essential information and generous amounts of painting tips and tricks to build your self-confidence allowing you to create fantastic creative paintings sooner..
(All student levels welcome)

Day 1..
Getting started by exploring many aspects of the creative painting process while having lots of fun along the way. Experimental mark making, dynamic colour choices, textural effects, large brush – small brush techniques and so much more...

Day 2..
Once we have the creative process fundamentals sorted, we jump straight into a second ‘painting fantastic’ where you will apply what you are learning to your own painting with a full day to complete.

You will learn:
- Creative process fundamentals explained 
- Understanding & apply good composition

- What makes a great painting & how to achieve?
- How to prepare and get started.?
- Essential techniques explained & applied
- How to interpret photo reference
- What to use, what to leave out & why.?

- Apply your new creative process for visually exciting paintings

Here is what you get:
- Your class reference photo

- How to use Acrylic paints and mediums in a dynamic way
- Easy to learn and understand concepts using Don's painting techniques
- Learn how to recognize, capture and paint exciting art using 
my simple

   and practical methods
- Heaps of one-on-one instruction as student numbers are very limited
- Live in-class painting demonstrations by myself to show you how it’s done
- Lots of practical painting tips & tricks, brush technique, and lots 
- Gain confidence and grow new painting skills you can confidently use again at home
- Conducted at my home/studio which offers great natural light for painting
- I supply morning & afternoon tea & coffee with delicious snacks & treats.. Yumm.!

Please contact Don for details or more information

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