'Paint Dynamic Light' 

 creating visually exciting paintings

27th June - 1st July (5 days) at my home studio in Buderim

Focus is on the many essential aspects of good creative process

Live in-class painting demonstrations by myself to better explain and illustrate how I do it so you can try in your own paintings

Day 1..

Let’s get started by looking at the various elements of the creative and painting processes making them more manageable and easier to understand and apply

Day 2..

Once we have the creative process fundamentals sorted, then you jump straight into your very own ‘painting fantastic’ where you will apply what you are learning to your own painting

Days 3, 4, 5..

Now you have a much better idea of the creative process and how to apply to your own art, you will begin your second ‘painting fantastic’ and you have 3 whole days to complete it applying and consolidating what you have learnt already

We also cover colour mixing, paint mediums and application, brush and palette knife techniques, textural effects, best practice and use of materials and equipment along with lots of things that you just don't get from books

You will learn:-
- Better understanding many aspects of the creative process 
- Learning about better composition and it's application
- What makes a great painting and how to achieve.?
- How to better prepare and get started.?  
- Essential techniques explained and then applied
- How to interpret and get more from photo reference

- What to use and what to leave out and why.?
- Apply your new creative skills for visually exciting paintings

Please contact Don for details or to book your place