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Draw - Draw and more drawing
- explore great drawing - Drawing Workshop

1st - 2nd June (2 days) 
at my Buderim studio - Sunshine Coast

Create your own fantastic drawing art works in this hands-on workshop which will help advance your entire artistic journey. Focus on drawing and rendering techniques, composition, subject choice, proportions, cropping photos for best use of reference (what to use, what to leave out and why.?) Discover the power of tone and textural effects and so much more… Simple but effective techniques which you can confidently take away with you and use again at home..   
(All student levels welcome)

Day 1..
Let’s get started ‘exploring possibilities and options’ plus a brief overview of drawing looking at history, tools and equipment and what you can expect. Deciding how and what to draw. Choosing reference. What to include - what to leave out & why.? Composition, consider subject, placement, etc.. Add details and create a good interesting drawing.

Day 2..
Begin “Drawing your favourite subject” 
Now begin your second ‘fabulous drawing’ and you have a full day to complete. Apply what’s learnt from Day 1 and sketch out your ideas. Review your options, begin drawing your finished artwork. Adjust until satisfied - refine and complete your drawing.

Here is what you get:
- Your class reference photo
- How to get the best from your drawing experience
- Easy to learn and understand concepts and techniques
- Learn how to recognize, capture and draw essential aspects of your subject using my
  simple and practical methods
- Heaps of one-on-one instruction as student numbers are always limited
- Live in-class painting demonstrations by myself to show you how it’s done
- Heaps of practical drawing tips & tricks and lots more
- Gain confidence and grow new drawing skills you can confidently use again at home
- Conducted at my home/studio which offers great natural light for painting
- I supply morning & afternoon tea & coffee with delicious snacks & treats.. Yumm.!

Please contact Don for details or more information

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