'Creative Process' 

 creating visually exciting paintings

17th - 20th January (4 days) at my home studio in Buderim

Focus is on the many essential aspects of good creative process

Day 1..

We will pull apart the entire creative painting process into manageable steps so you can easily understand and apply them

Days 2, 3 ,4..

Once we all have the creative process fundamentals sorted, then you jump straight into your very own 'painting fantastic' where you will apply what you have learned over the remaining three days.

You will learn:-
- Fundamentals of the creative process 
- Understanding and applying good composition
- What makes a great painting and how to achieve.?
- How to prepare and get started.?  
- Essential techniques explained and then applied
- How to interpret photo reference.

- What to use and what to leave out and why.?
- Apply your new creative skills for visually exciting painting

Please contact Don for details or to book your place