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The Magic of Painting - then paint the magic..

Saturday 29 - Sunday 30 January, 2022 (2 day workshop)


Here is a great chance the explore the 'Magic of Painting' as you explore and practice applying what you are learning. Paint clouds, water, sand and beach grass, rocks, magical atmospheric light. Heaps of tips and tricks from Don about colours, how and where to use, brush and palette knife techniques along with how to include paint mediums for even better results.

* This workshop is ideal for all students levels


Contact:  Ruth

Bell Bunya Community Centre, Bell. Qld
Phone: 07 4663 1087  Email:


DYNAMIC PALETTE KNIFE - with Acrylic paint & mediums..

Saturday 19 - Sunday 20 February, 2022 (2 day workshop)


This workshop will be an amazing artistic journey of growth and discovery as you learn to paint exciting images that are filled with colour and dynamic textural mark making. Explore many of the powerful and exciting painting opportunities offered with Palette Knife using Acrylic paints and mediums.

* This workshop is ideal for all students levels


Contact: Betty

Logan Artists - Logan. Qld
Phone: 0417 672 771  Email:


PALETTE KNIFE MAGIC - using acrylic paint & mediums..

Saturday 5 - Sunday 6 March, 2022 (2 day workshop)


Create bright, exciting, colourful images with dynamic movement and texture as you explore many of the powerful painting opportunities offered with acrylic paints while using the palette knife. Learn dynamic and unusual approaches to painting, good composition, how to interpret photos, brush and knife techniques, colour mixing and much more. * This workshop is ideal for all students levels


Contact: Two Sisters

Wooroolin. Qld
Phone: 0419 622 975  Email:



CHARCOAL - dynamic light and powerful forms..

Saturday 23rd - Sunday 24th April, 2022 (2 day workshop)


This workshop offers an organic and tactile learning experience for all students using this exciting and magic medium. Don introduces students to a new and fresh creative approach so they can explore the many amazing opportunities offered when ideas are developed as small sketches and then scaled up and painted in charcoal. * This workshop is ideal for all students levels


Contact:  Kerry

St George. Qld
Phone: 07 ---- ----  Email: